Why a Certified Orthodontist?

As a certified specialist, an orthodontist is an expert in straightening your teeth and correcting issues with your bite. An orthodontist has extensive expertise in a variety of treatment techniques ensuring that you have full access to the treatment options that are best for you and your smile. At Beam Orthodontics, we are suited for all orthodontic needs, simple and complex. Learn more about Dr. Paxon here. 


Kids smile hundreds of times a day. Their smiles are so innocent, so hopeful, and so full of that mischievous fun they love to get into.


There’s so much of life to discover and explore. For most, it’s the ideal time to structure your teeth to allow you to smile for who you are and who you’ll grow into.


It’s never too late to create a beautiful smile. You work hard, play harder and your smile should show just how amazing you are.