Penticton Clear Aligners

Discover the Clear Path to a Perfect Smile

Beam Orthodontics brings the future of orthodontics to Penticton with Spark + Invisalign aligners. Enjoy a discreet treatment that lets you smile confidently every step of the way.

The Clear Aligners Journey at Beam Orthodontics

Considering a teeth-straightening solution without the traditional braces look? Spark + Invisalign aligners, offered right here in Penticton at Beam Orthodontics, could be your answer. Suitable for all ages, these aligners combine comfort with discretion.

Dr. Paxon and our team have successfully used clear aligners to deliver beautiful smiles in a timeframe often shorter than traditional braces. Here's a glimpse into the clear aligner journey at Beam Orthodontics:

1. Starting with a Smile

  • Your first step is a free consultation. Dr. Paxon will examine your teeth and chat about what you hope to achieve.
  • We understand that budget matters. That's why we'll discuss financial options, ensuring the treatment aligns with your financial comfort.
  • If clear aligners are the right fit for your smile aspirations, we'll outline the next steps, ensuring you're informed and ready.

2. Mapping Your Smile's Future

  • Our team uses modern technology to capture detailed images of your teeth, forming the foundation of your treatment plan.
  • With advanced software, we craft a series of clear aligners, each designed to gently guide your teeth into their ideal positions.
  • The best part? Dr. Paxon will give you a sneak peek into the future – a digital preview of your post-treatment smile.

3. Step Into Your Clear Journey

  • Once you have your aligners, they should be worn consistently, only taking them out for meals and your dental hygiene routine.
  • Periodic visits to Beam Orthodontics, typically every 4-6 weeks, ensure you're on track. These visits are brief, focusing on your progress and providing the next set of aligners. And, with no wires involved, they're straightforward and comfortable.
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The Clear Aligner Approach

Clear aligners have transformed the way we think about teeth straightening. Designed just for you, these aligners are crafted from a smooth, transparent material that fits snugly over your teeth.

Step by step, as planned by Dr. Paxon, your teeth shift into their desired positions. The process is subtle, with each aligner making slight adjustments.

Gone are the days of attaching metal brackets or tightening wires. With clear aligners, you transition to a new set approximately every two weeks, progressing through your treatment.

With Beam Orthodontics, your journey to a radiant smile doesn't disrupt your daily activities. And the discreet nature of Spark + Invisalign aligners? It means most folks around Penticton might not even notice you're on your way to a straighter smile.

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A Teen's Best Friend

At Beam Orthodontics, we understand that teens have a lot going on. From school activities to social events, traditional braces might feel like a hurdle. That's where clear aligners come in.

Whether you're into sports, music, drama, or just hanging out with friends, clear aligners won't hold you back. They're discreet, so chances are, your pals won't even notice you're wearing them.

Dr. Paxon knows that every teen in Penticton deserves to shine in their own unique way. With Spark + Invisalign aligners, you can confidently dive into all your passions, all while working towards that perfect smile.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Paxon will guide you on how clear aligners can complement both your smile and your lifestyle.

Tailored for Little Smiles

Kids around Penticton have something to smile about! Beam Orthodontics offers Spark + Invisalign aligners treatments tailored for the younger crowd.

Early Orthodontic Care With Clear Aligners

Kids grow up fast, and their smiles evolve right along with them. Sometimes, even when baby teeth are still present, it's the right moment to consider orthodontic care.

This early intervention, known as Phase 1 treatment, allows professionals like Dr. Paxon to spot and address potential issues before they become bigger concerns.

Introducing Clear Aligners for Kids

Starting as young as 7-10 years old, clear aligners can be a game-changer. Dr. Paxon crafts each aligner to address the unique needs of growing smiles. With clear aligners at Beam Orthodontics, we can help with:

  • Improving alignment
  • Correcting bite issues
  • Supporting arch development
  • Addressing crowding
  • Making space for incoming permanent teeth

Differences Between Braces & Clear Aligners

Choosing between braces and clear aligners? Both have their merits. At Beam Orthodontics, many of our clear aligner patients appreciate the shorter check-ups, the ease of maintaining oral hygiene, and the fewer emergency visits.

But here's the catch: clear aligners are removable. While this offers flexibility, it also means you play a more active role in your treatment. With braces, they're always working since they're fixed to your teeth.

With Spark + Invisalign aligners, you're in the driver's seat. You'll need to ensure you wear them as advised, keep them clean, and transition to the next set when it's time.

And just like after traditional braces, Dr. Paxon suggests wearing a retainer post-clear aligner treatment. It's a small step to ensure your smile stays as radiant as ever.

Learn More About Spark + Invisalign Aligners

Clear aligners are a fantastic option for those seeking subtle, effective treatment. Dr. Paxon can advise you about the treatment options that best suit your teeth, bite, and lifestyle.

Schedule your free consultation at our Penticton office to learn if clear aligners are the right choice for you.