The Power of Braces

At Beam Orthodontics in Penticton, we trust metal braces because we've transformed smiles for people of all ages with them, just like yours.

The Cornerstone of Orthodontics

Metal braces have been the cornerstone of orthodontics for decades, and at Beam Orthodontics, we've refined this classic approach with the latest advancements.

Serving the Penticton community, we combine time-tested techniques with modern comfort, ensuring every smile we craft is both beautiful and functional. Dive in to learn how our metal braces can be the perfect fit for your orthodontic journey.

The Classic Choice for a Picture-Perfect Smile

Metal braces have been around for a while, and there's a reason they've stood the test of time. At Beam Orthodontics, we've taken this classic approach and infused it with the latest advancements. Let's explore the components that make this treatment so effective.

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These small, sturdy pieces are the foundation of metal braces. Crafted from high-quality metals, brackets are attached to each tooth, acting as the mainstay for the archwire. They're designed to be resilient, ensuring your treatment stays on track.


The archwire is a thin metal wire that connects all the brackets. Custom-shaped by Dr. Paxon for each patient, it plays a pivotal role in guiding your teeth to their ideal positions. As your treatment progresses, the archwire might be adjusted to keep the movement precise and effective.


These aren't just rubber bands; they're essential tools in perfecting your bite. By connecting the top and bottom brackets, elastics help adjust the alignment of your jaws. They're changed regularly during your orthodontic visits to maintain consistent pressure.

Orthodontic Bands

Think of these as the main anchors for your braces. Typically placed around the back molars, these bands provide additional support and stability. They're especially crucial when more force is needed to move those larger teeth.


A week or so before your bands are placed, you might get spacers. These tiny devices create a small gap between your molars, ensuring the bands fit comfortably and effectively.

Elastic Ties

Add a splash of personality to your braces! These small, colorful rings hold the archwire in place on each bracket. At Beam Orthodontics, you can choose from a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize your braces at every appointment.

Understanding the Process

Starting your journey with braces is a big step, and we're here to guide you every inch of the way. Before we get those braces on, here's a peek into what happens:

  • Picture Perfect: Dr. Paxon and our team will snap some photos and X-rays of your mouth. Sometimes, we might even use our fancy iTero Element scanner to get a super-detailed 3D image of your teeth and gums. This quick 10-15 minute process gives us a crystal-clear view of your mouth.
  • Crafting Your Plan: With those images, Dr. Paxon crafts a plan just for you, detailing how each tooth should move for that perfect smile.
  • Brace Yourself: Depending on your unique plan, we'll place the brackets just right. For instance, teeth that need a little tilt get different bracket placement than those that need a twist.
  • Wired Up: Once the brackets are on, Dr. Paxon threads in the wire. These wires have tiny bends that apply just the right pressure to guide your teeth.

Modern Metal Braces: What's New?

Stepping into the world of braces? We've got a fun twist for you. At Beam Orthodontics, we believe your braces should be as unique as you are.

Whether you're cheering on your favorite sports team, flaunting your school colors, or just feeling a shade that speaks to you, we've got a palette of colors for your elastics that'll make your braces pop.

For those moments when you want to keep things a tad simpler, we offer classic shades like silver, gray, and even tooth-colored elastics. Your braces, your style!

Treatment Duration

Everyone's smile journey is unique. On average, our patients rock their metal braces for about 18 to 22 months. But here's the thing: it could be shorter or even a tad longer, all depending on your teeth and Dr. Paxon's master plan.

Some of our Beam family see their dream smile in just six months, while others with trickier teeth tales might take a bit over three years. But no matter the timeline, you'll see your teeth making moves pretty quickly, giving you more reasons to smile during the process.