Let Your Smile BEAM!

Discover the Difference At Beam Orthodontics

We’re not your typical orthodontic practice. Which makes sense, because you’re not typical either. Every smile is unique and there is more to a great smile than just straight teeth. Your smile is a reflection of who you are and can impact how you feel about yourself. Our goal is to help the real you shine through.


Kids smile hundreds of times a day.
Their smiles are energetic, hopeful, and full of that mischievous fun they love to get into. 


For most, the teen years are the ideal time to structure your teeth to allow you to smile for who you are and who you’ll grow into.


It’s never too late to create your dream smile. You work hard, play harder and your smile should show it. That’s where we come in! 

Why choose an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist with three years of additional university education focused on orthodontic treatment. Whether your smile journey is complex or more straight forward, orthodontists are the ideal choice to help you decide on the best treatment.

We Love What We Do!

At Beam Orthodontics we offer a complete range of orthodontic treatment options for children, teens, and adults. We love to have fun, take pride in what we do and go above and beyond for our patients and their families. We care about each of our patients and treat them as individuals as unique as their smiles! Book a complimentary exam today, no referral required!