Extraction Therapy vs. Non-Extraction Therapy

When you become an orthodontic patient, there are many routes your treatment could take. Unfortunately, many people in Penticton, British Columbia, avoid orthodontic treatment because of the fear of the unknown or misconceptions about various treatments. At Beam Orthodontics, we don’t want anyone to postpone or choose not to get treatment because they don’t know or understand their options. That’s why we write these blogs, to help more people understand the options available to them to achieve the smile of their dreams. Which options you qualify for depends on your needs, but two popular routes are extraction and non-extraction therapy. But what are they, and how can they help you?

What Is Extraction Therapy?

In summary, extraction therapy removes permanent teeth to improve a person’s alignment.

More specifically, it is the removal, or extraction, of permanent teeth to create more space in the mouth to better suit the remaining teeth by allowing room for the teeth to move and fit appropriately. For some patients, extraction therapy is a necessary step of treatment, and they would not be able to achieve their dream smile without it. It is common practice in order to improve severe overcrowding or other forms of misalignment, as well as boost your overall well-being by relieving oral health symptoms created by malocclusion.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from patients about extraction therapy is whether it hurts. The answer is easy — nope! Thanks to local anesthesia, you won’t feel a thing (except maybe some pressure) throughout the procedure! Afterward, you might feel sore, but you should have pain-free and safe healing if you follow your dentist’s or oral surgeon’s aftercare instructions!

Note: Dr. Paxon does not perform extractions! If you need a tooth or teeth removed, he will refer you to an oral surgeon in Kelowna or collaborate with your trusted dentist! Once you’re healed and ready, he will initiate orthodontic treatment!

What Is Non-Extraction Therapy?

In contrast, non-extraction therapy does not involve removing teeth. Instead, non-extraction treatment uses orthodontic appliances to work with all your teeth and move them into more desirable positions. If necessary, we will manipulate the jaw size to make space for teeth to move or to ensure there is enough room for all the teeth to fit comfortably without malocclusion.

Braces, headgear, expanders, or clear aligners are just some of the orthodontic devices Dr. Paxon might use to perform non-extraction therapy.

Non-extraction therapy is excellent for patients with mild to moderate alignment issues.

How Do I Know Which Is Right For Me?

Extraction and non-extraction therapy are fantastic treatment options, but they work best for different situations. The easiest, safest, most accurate way to know which treatment is right for you is to visit an orthodontist like Dr. Paxon! He will help you decide which option you qualify for by considering your dental condition and facial structure before guiding you through the following steps.

A common concern for patients is whether either treatment considerably extends the overall orthodontic process. The truth is that it depends on your orthodontic needs! Both methods can vary in treatment time and if they add much time to your braces experience. Extraction therapy may lead to longer than average treatment times due to the healing process after the procedure and then needing to shift the remaining teeth into the plan after the extractions. On the other hand, non-extraction therapy, while preserving all the natural teeth, may also require a significant amount of time for the dental arches to expand and the teeth to move into their correct positions.

Another concern patients have, especially those who qualify for extraction therapy, is whether the treatment has undesirable effects on their smile. Fortunately, the answer is no. If your treatment is executed by a trained, experienced professional, and you follow all out-of-office instructions, you will not have any issues. However, aesthetically, non-extraction therapy often results in a broader smile since all the teeth are preserved, and the arches are sometimes expanded. But when done correctly, extraction therapy can also result in a balanced and harmonious smile. Though they could produce different results, they will create the most flattering and functional smile for you!

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